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Dear Fellow Parelli Students and Those Thinking About It,


I am writing this note to recommend Zach Lahring, Parelli 2 Star Professional for those who are looking for a certified Parelli Instructor.  I met Zach in the fall of 2010 after a dangerous encounter with my new horse partner, a 16h Belgian Quarter horse ~ Left brain Extrovert named Josh.  To start with the end in mind, I realized if I didn't get help very quickly ~ I might have to decide to give up having a horse partner all together, which for me is an unbearable thought. It really was that serious.... I've been on this quest for 12 years now, progressing from conventional training to Parelli natural horsemanship.  I've been a Parelli student for the past 6 years.


Zach skillfully assessed the situation with me and my horse and helped me move past my fear into rebuilding what was a broken, potentially dangerous relationship with my horse.  I couldn't even approach from a distance to get to a retreat.  While I experience fear in the saddle, I was always confident on the ground.... now, my ground skills were gone too, I had nothing left....  After just 2 sessions, I had such confidence in Zach that I would listen only to his voice instructing me through a massive wave of fear.  Zach skillfully guided me through the scariest threshold I had experienced in the last, nearly 12 years of working with horses.  


Just last week, I was at a horsemanship crossroads: What is best for me and my horse ~ find a new competent owner for my beloved horse and face the facts that I couldn't/wouldn't be able to fill my end of the partnership?  OR find the help I need to overcome this BIG set-back and move forward to unchartered ground with this horse that I love?  Zach held up this incredible mirror and through his coaching I was able to see my horse, myself and my commitment to our partnership.  I chose the second option, but know, it will only happen with the care, expertise and coaching of Zach Lahring. I can't do this alone and yes, it can be that fragile at times, and during those times, more than ever, I am grateful that Pat and Linda are on this journey to help horses and those who love them.....  Pat and Linda are very fortunate to have Zach on their team -- Zach literally, saved me and Josh!!!  .


Best of luck to you and hope your journey is safe and natural!!  You are not alone,


I am so thankful that I met you this weekend and that you were so helpful...words cannot express...I plan to play with Goldie using my new found knowledge...I'm so excited...I know that I can progress now.  I had been stuck for so long!  THANKS! 


I feel that Zach’s approach to improve my technique and further my understanding was especially beneficial.  He helped me to realize that recognizing the slightest try is a concept I need to focus on.  Helping me to recognize Houdini’s “Left-Brain Extrovert” qualities, Zach also really helped me to understand distinguishing feedback that my horse was giving me... For example, Houdini's tendency to use his shoulders to crowd me with an effort to keep me in front of his driveline was identified by Zach as part of his Horsenality.  Zach showed me where I need to focus my energy and improve his yielding of the forehand.  This advice was especially useful when it came to Sideways.  Preceding our lesson I was experiencing difficulty with the Sideways game until Zach provided the key to success.  Driveline! Got it.


Zach’s ability to recognize when I am not grasping a concept to the full extent was impressive.  When needed, he would practice simulations with me until I understood. These simulations came in handy with the Circling game and changing directions, where before, I had been yielding the hindquarters and taking the power out of them instead of sweeping up his energy, drawing back, and signaling the change. One-on-one time with Zach Lahring was exactly what I needed in order to get the critique I needed and to understand what principles I need to focus on in order to advance my journey.


I look forward to lessons with Zach to see what I have accomplished from this lesson and to learn from him here and into the future.


I've taken many lessons and clinics over the years, as well as taught lessons myself, and I think it is VERY valuable to have students brave enough to give feedback....You really put students in a learning frame of mind... I think it is a serious thing, to put a student in a learning frame of mind and then teach them something new.  Hugely important.  Customer Service is part of teaching.  People need to feel good about their horsemanship, about the money they are spending.. it keeps them coming back, to learn more and enjoy their journey...I think the masses would agree, we want to ENJOY learning, not feel threatened or feel stupid, we want to smile, laugh, have "ah-ha!" moments. You sir, really gave us that in our lessons with you.  You stuck with us until we got something.  And that was cool. And that makes me know who I'd like to further my education with!! I really look forward to more lessons with you! 


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