Pure Horsemanship


Zach Lahring starts colts on the ground and under saddle or he can re-start your older problem horse. 

He can help you gain or re-gain confidence for you or your horse.

He can achieve the ultimate goal of the "finished" horse if that is your desire.

Zach teaches Pure Horsemanship techniques to students to help the student achieve his/her own training successes.

Call or Contact Us for: 

- Colt Starting

- Problem Horses

- Horse Finishing

- Trail-Riding Confidence for you and your horse

- Private Lessons

- Semi Private Lessons

- Group Lessons


Photonic Health Distributor
Healing horses at the speed of light!
Red-Light Therapy Products and Healing Assistance 



Peak Vision Equestrian Sunglasses


Originally designed for Golf, the Peak Vision Sports Sunglasses are a must for the Equestrian who loves to ride out in the open and in the woods.  The lenses are amazingly distortion free for acute vision on all terrain without the need to take the glasses off and on again.  Try them and you'll never settle for ordinary or other name-brand sunglasses again!






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